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Tying Shoes

Why Chose Us

Our professional craftsmen repair all types of footwear and leather goods: fine dress shoes,casual shoes, western boots, riding boots, hiking boots, sandals, golf shoes, etc.

We replace and repair soles, insoles, heals, uppers, laces, eyelets and component parts to rebuild your favourite footwear. We also stretch and dye shoes and boots.

Novelty has replaced zippers and repaired buckles for the likes of Julie Andrews, Gordon Lightfoot, MIckey Rooney, and can too help restore your leather boots if you forget to protect them before heading out in the salt and slush. If there’s one place in Toronto that’s likely to take on your difficult shoe request, Novelty is probably it.


Toronto’s celebrity cobblers at work: Novelty Shoe Rebuilders is no run-of-the-mill shoemaker.
It is the MacGyver of repair professionals.

The Toronto Star

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